Sphere – Love Stories

50.00 CHF

It’s full of little presents but what’s inside is a secret!


The discovery of this world is complete! You can find it with the telescope.

πŸ’•This is the Love Stories Sphere! πŸ’• The genre of the books I have chosen is romantic! This box contains bookish items and also many neutral items; I wanted to create a box that I can remind those who buy it to think and take care of themselves. This is a box full of love, love for yourself or someone dear to you! So, it can be the perfect gift to give someone or for yourself 😊✨

If you’re wondering what this is all about, read more about the Shadow of Water Sphere right here.

Your order will be sent from Switzerland. Shipment starts by 27th march. Please note that shipment could take longer depends on where you ship to.

Additional information
Dimensions 30 × 23 × 9 cm



English, French, German


Love Stories