Happy New Year 2022!

We always try to set ourselves new goals for next year. It is important to think about all the things we have experienced in a year.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve!

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. The first SW Sphere Christmas Theme Box should have arrived at your home. Maybe it's already under your Christmas tree.

Christmas and Winter vibes

In the autumn and winter, I love to play Stardew Valley. I like it a lot! The autumn-winter atmosphere is very special in this game.

After a long time

December is my favorite month in the winter. Feel the Christmas air and everything is filled with lights and Christmas trees.

Halloween 2021

It’s Halloween! With this blog post, I wanted to wish you a good party and lots of fun. Are you ready?

Halloween Scary Food

It will be Halloween soon, and I thought I'd make some scary food! You can prepare many creative and not too difficult things to cook.

Autumn is coming

Fall is the perfect time of year to celebrate and enjoy the changing nature. There are so many things that fascinate me about autumn.

An unexpected encounter

Today i want to tell you about a small event that changed my evening. The house was all dark, only the light from the television illuminated the room.

A story of change and memory

It is wonderful to look at a photo of a moment we lived in the past. We look at that photo and remember that moment as if it happened just a few days ago.