Happy New Year 2022!

We always try to set ourselves new goals for next year. It is important to think about all the things we have experienced in a year.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve!

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. The first SW Sphere Christmas Theme Box should have arrived at your home. Maybe it's already under your Christmas tree.

Christmas and Winter vibes

In the autumn and winter, I love to play Stardew Valley. I like it a lot! The autumn-winter atmosphere is very special in this game.

Halloween 2021

It’s Halloween! With this blog post, I wanted to wish you a good party and lots of fun. Are you ready?

Halloween Scary Food

It will be Halloween soon, and I thought I'd make some scary food! You can prepare many creative and not too difficult things to cook.

Autumn is coming

Fall is the perfect time of year to celebrate and enjoy the changing nature. There are so many things that fascinate me about autumn.

Travel by flight

I like to fly because while I wait, I‘m already projecting towards my destination, whether it‘s a one way or a return.

My Wedding Story – Just Married

That day I was very happy! How many emotions! In the evening, I could not sleep because I thought and thought about what had happened.

New York I miss you

I must admit that I miss traveling very much. Lately I've been looking through photos from my latest travels, and it has given me a lot of nuisances.