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Today is the 1th Januar 2022. Each new year gives us new possibilities! We always try to set ourselves new goals for next year. In my opinion, this is very important. It is important to think about all the things we have experienced in a year. We must learn from what has happened and always try to understand what we can do better. Setting ourselves new goals and making a list of the things we want to achieve next year is important. Even if we don‘t succeed, but at least we tried and gave our best.

So one thing that I recommend you to do or that I still find very useful is to take a moment and make a list before the start of the new year or in the first few days. I, personally, write my goals in my agenda. The first thing to do is to reflect on the past 12 months because It can be extremely important to understand in which direction we are moving in our life and therefore what we must do to improve ourselves to be able to concretely realize our projects and dreams. Then we can start making a list of the new goals. I write them first on a sketch sheet. Then I rewrite them well in my agenda.

This is my list of 2022 goals:
-Successfully running my ShadowofWater Sphere shop and make my customers happy.
-Complete a project started in 2021.
-Read 80 books in a year.
-Go for a run two or three times a week for 30 minutes.
-Improve my English skills and learn more Spanish.

These last two years have not been easy at all due to Covid, but we must continue to be strong and hope that next year will go better, until there is no longer this problem.

I wish you all a wonderful New Year, and above all I wish you a year 2022 full of happiness!

Stay healthy, and thank you very much for your attention! ❤️

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