Autumn is a beautiful season, and the autumn landscape is breathtaking as well. But winter is also a season of many beauties. I find the snowy landscapes wonderful. When it snows, I always want to be outside ready to welcome the snow. Those fluffy snowflakes that fall from the sky are unique and spectacular.

Together with my husband, we spend days camping in the snowy woods. We light the fire and enjoy nature, eating something hot and delicious. Sometimes I start reading and have a cup of tea or hot chocolate while my husband picks up more wood. I love it when we eat marshmallows together, hugging by the fire. 🎄

One thing I almost always do in December is taking the Harry Potter books and read them. Especially since I received the German edition by Carlsen. I'm in love with it, it's too beautiful. (Thanks Dennis, I love you 🥰)
I don't like to reread books, unless I reread them in another language. If I have time to read, I prefer a new book, a new adventure. But Harry Potter is a story that I like too much. It's unique for me and I can reread them with pleasure. The same thing goes for movies.
I don't know why, but reading Harry Potter books or reviewing the movies in winter is almost a way to enjoy the winter. A bit like the Home alone 1 and 2 movies during the Christmas period. Every year I watch these movies lol

In the autumn and winter, I love to play Stardew Valley. Do you know this game? I like it a lot! The autumn and winter atmosphere is exceptional in this game. Especially the background music. Very nice.

Below you will find a photo gallery about winter. 😉



"To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake
it is necessary to stand out in the cold.


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