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Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I really hope that it will snow tomorrow to make the atmosphere even more beautiful. The SW Sphere Christmas Theme Boxes have already been shipped and should have arrived at your home. Maybe it's already under your Christmas tree. Or maybe you have given it to someone you love. If it still hasn't arrived, I really hope it arrives at least before New Year. Unfortunately, the shipment in December is slower than usual because of Christmas, the shipper explained to me.

We are ready for Christmas. We have prepared many Christmas cookies and sweets, the gifts are all under the Christmas tree and waiting to be opened. I love to stop by the tree and look at the living room all decorated for Christmas, with all the lights on. The tree full of gifts is beautiful. Especially the handmade gifts. We will celebrate with the family and, after having eaten so many delicacies, we will open the presents at midnight. Everyone near the tree to exchange gifts. What a nice thing. With some distant relatives, we will make a video call!

I, personally, like Christmas Eve more. We always spend December 24th with the family. We watch many Christmas movies and then in the evening we celebrate big. December 25th is more a day of relaxation and a hearty typical Christmas lunch. Obviously, if it has snowed a lot we always try to play outside in the snow, it doesn't matter if it's on the eve or not. Being outside when it snows for Christmas is a wonderful thing 😊

I hope that you too can have a merry Christmas and that you will have a wonderful time. If you like, you can write to me and tell me how you spent this Christmas. Hugs to all!

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