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It will be Halloween soon, and I thought I'd make some scary food! You can prepare many creative and not too difficult things to cook. So give space to your imagination and create delicious dishes!
First I cooked small mummies made of sausage and puff pastry. It is very simple, just cut the puff pastry into long strands and roll them in the sausage, put them in the oven and once ready make two eyes with the mustard or mayonnaise; as you prefer more.
Then I made witch brooms with breadsticks and cheese. Buy a thinly sliced ​​cheese, then cut them rectangular and make cuts on the longer side. Roll the cheese only in one end of the breadsticks. Close it lightly with a piece of long onion. I made the spiders with the puff pastry that I had left of the mummies. Make small balls and then with stick salami make legs and eyes. I baked everything together, but the salami became hard and very crunchy. If you prefer that the salami sticks remain soft, then you recommend putting in the oven only the puff pastry balls and then putting the salami legs 😄

Scary food:

Here are some photos I took before eating everything 😋
Green monsters! I created the green monsters with toast and avocado cream. To make the face, I used pieces of courgette and tomatoes to shape the eyes and nose. The hair is made of parsley and the mouth of juniper berries.
And finally, I made some bread gourds. I made these with bread in dough and to give it that yellow-orange color, I combined it with pumpkin.I cooked the pumpkin before. When it has finished rising, make the shape into a ball and with a thread give it the shape of a pumpkin.

After all the cooking, the one thing that's left ist to decorate the table.

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