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Lately I hear more and more about the Urban Jungle look at home.
Indoor plants liven up our rooms, reduce stress and even filter the air, freeing it of toxic substances. We are talking about a green oasis inside the house. If you are a plant lover this is a very nice way to decorate your home. To give a touch of estism and a bit of a forest look you will need houseplants. Plants must be of different size, texture and color.
I really like plants, especially at home.

Very often, however, it is difficult to take care of the plants. It has often happened to me that a plant has died without really understanding why.
Too much or too little water? Little light or maybe too much? It is not always easy.
Even during the holidays it can be a problem. If you are traveling for two weeks or more, someone will have to take care of your poor plants.
Precisely for this reason, some people buy fake plants to decorate their homes. I like real plants more. I buy plants that are easier to care for.

I personally don‘t have an Urban Jungle look at home. I have a couple of plants and I take care of them as best I can. I really like cacti and plants with very large leaves. Who knows, maybe someday I‘ll decorate my house in a forest look.

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